Episode 9

Published on:

31st Mar 2020

Violette Noziere: monster in a skirt or victim?

Warning: this episode deals with in detail incest and sexual abuse. If you know this will be triggering for you, please go listen to the minisode on Queen Τεύτα - it will make you smile. I promise.

Violette Noziere was immediately labeled “monster” because she represented something incomprehensible: a cold-blooded parricide driven by greed who was the product of a civilised urban environment and a vice-free family.” - Sarah Maza from her book, Violette Noziere : A story of murder in 1930s Paris

In this episode, Sarah explores a murder that captivated 1930s France - so much so that during the Nuremberg rally, the left-wing daily L’Oeuvre published a cartoon in which a peeved Nazi officer waved a newspaper at Hitler over a caption that read: “That Violette! It’s all about her!”. Join Sarah and her guest, the wonderful Sophie, as they explore why this crime and its perpetrator so gripped a nation that was coming to terms with modernity and social change while the spectre of WWII loomed.


  • Crimes that Made History (TV Serries), Season 1, Episode 5
  • Maza, S. (2011). Violette Noziere : A story of murder in 1930s Paris. Berkeley, Calif. ; London: University of California Press.

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